Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soggy Sidewalks=Big Bargains

Don't let the persistent drizzle stop you from wandering through Wildwood Shopping Center's old-fashioned annual sidewalk sale today through Saturday. (I hear birds--are the clouds lifting?) There are tables and tables of bargains to be had from stores like Belina boutique (who by the way is also in the midst of their semi-annual sale with bargains up to 75 percent off), Kellogg Collection, Madeline, Celadon Home, Red Orchard and more. It's an annual neighborhood treat. And no, I won't say just in time for Father's Day because we're covering that separately. (And everyone and their brother--from salons to nurseries to book stores--has something perfect for Father's Day. But the question is: Do they sell naps with a free clicker to clutch while sleeping?)

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