Thursday, April 23, 2009

Literature meets lingerie

Tuesday was my book club, Saturday is a bridal shower, Wednesday was listening to Kerry Reichs discuss The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life, her book about the many weddings she's attended (at least 70 - on several continents) - a perfect mid-week bridge between events, accompanied by champagne and a smorgasbord of sweet treats and bites of salmon, chicken and crunchy shrimp (by J. Jackson of Entree Metropolitan) at lingerie and swimwear boutique SyLene (where you can also hold a bridal shower). Andrea Rodgers (blogger “Ask Miss A”) and store owners Cyla Weiner and Helen Kestler were our hosts as Kerry (daughter of writer Kathy Reichs) discussed her book, the act of writing and how she left a fast-track law career in DC to go on sabbatical and write this book. Though she said, “I had no idea what I was doing” she did have a subject (lots of weddings) and a sense of humor. But Kerry didn’t have to make it all up. She says much in the book is true. Even the parts that were cut. She actually attended a wedding in which a turtle was the best man. Sometimes it seems the truth is too strange even for fiction. There are lots of DC-area references in the book, which add to the fun. Though Kerry says there’s a focus on “the path not taken” in the book, the show must go on in life. I turned to the display of shower gifts for my Saturday-shower bride-to-be in preparation for her very Best Day. Look for Kerry's new book in the U.S. early next year.

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