Thursday, April 16, 2009

De-stressing Prom Dressing

Time out for a public service announcement....

No matter how hard we try to “keep prom under control” it usually turns into a budget buster: Limo? Dinner? Flowers? Tux? DRESS?? Because lavish spending is now OUT and sensible living is IN, check out these options for giving or getting a dress that probably only gets, hmm, about five hours of use. Most kids change for the after-parties, and that long-coveted dress then goes into the closet where it collects dust long after the memories have faded. Many of you older girls may have a dress or a pair of shoes that you probably wore just once, now taking up precious closet space. If so, consider donating (quickly) to one of the following events. If you or a friend needs a dress, here’s the info:

On Saturday (April 18) Wheaton High School is holding The Knights to Remember Prom Project from 10am-1pm. Girls can line up at 9am (and must have a Montgomery County school ID). The dresses will go on a first-come, first-serve basis. Personal shoppers will present to help out. For more info about donating and receiving gowns, contact or; 301-929-2050.

Ciao Bella! Prom dress giveaway will be held the following day (April 19) at the Hilton Hotel in Silver Spring sponsored by the nonprofit Saint Anthony’s Bridal. There are currently drop-off boxes for dresses, jewelry and shoes (in excellent condition) at Brookstone in Montgomery Mall, MWTux at Lakeforest and at the Greenbelt Curves. To register and find out more about the event, go to

Ok, done. Now everyone can get back to what you were doing, maybe cleaning out a closet...?

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