Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love and Cherry Blossoms

There they are - the cherry blossoms. Most are still stoically hanging on despite the nasty wind and rain. My Bradford pear shows off too with masses of white blossoms that cover my flowerbed beneath the tree, an appealing natural deshabille going on right outside my kitchen window.

I got an even sexier display of blossoms the other night at Ginger on Bethesda Lane, when owner Gretchen Hitchner hosted trunk show Sakura (“cherry blossom” in Japanese) by jewelry designer Suzanne Somersall.

Gretchen told me when her husband John proposed to her, he gave her a diamond ring with a temporary setting so she could figure out what she wanted. Five years later she discovered Suzanne Somersall's cherry blossom cocktail ring. Wha-la! Suzanne set Gretchen’s diamond in white gold along with pave diamonds to create a cherry blossom that will last.

Suzanne (who is just 25 and named Suzanne Somersall Allis after her grandmother) designs delicate jewelry in the most ephemeral of forms - delicate gold antlers in spiky splendor, simple starfish sporting delicate gems and - you guessed it - cherry blossoms. And these don't fall apart just because it's raining. In fact, Suzanne is planning another Japanese themed collection for fall. Why Japan? She says because her Marine husband Brian is stationed there.

The jewelry isn't the only thing sparkling at Ginger - check out the bejeweled sandals and don't miss the bin of gem-studded flip-flops.


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  1. Anonymous4/16/2009

    i like this article. i think i want to check out ginger's store