Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Air Force brat who's traveled all over the country, I have lived in Bethesda, Maryland for much of my adult life--going on 22 years. My husband and I chose Bethesda because its once quiet, tree-lined streets and especially Wisconsin Avenue/Rockville Pike (which we thought for the longest time were two parallel streets) made me think of those idyllic towns with white picket fences I had only seen on TV--and they lead right into DC with nary a confusing turn or stint on the Beltway. 

Over the years, I've watched my little TV town become a thriving, sophisticated destination city. As a freelance writer and editor, I've covered the changes I've seen and felt firsthand. As it grew from having a few boutiques on what was "the other side of Bethesda," downtown Bethesda's retail scene rivals any metropolitan center.

The past few years have brought us The Collection at Chevy Chase--our own fabulous Nanette Lepore store, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Barney's New York CoOp--and Bethesda's own Bethesda Row and Bethesda "Lane," a cobblestone pedestrian walkway lined by unique boutiques, most with a local connection. The owner of Blue Mercury is a Bethesda resident, as is Gretchen Hitchner, the owner of posh boutique Ginger. Lindsay Buscher and her husband hail from Howard County, where the Urban Chic owners reside on a farm. The owners of Cielo hair salon have a long history in the area. And there's so much more. Each is unique; each brings something special to our local scene, in the way of their personalities, merchandise and style. 

Oh, and I didn't forget Wildwood. the once-quiet little strip mall is lined with chic shops old and new, Madeline, Belina, Sequel and upscale gift and home stores, Red Orchard, Blanca Flor and Celadon Home, run by the owners of Celadon Spa who keep it local by partnering with Potomac resident Yasmine Agha, whose artisan chocolates are on Celadon's shelves among the potpourri, candles and upscale pet and cleaning supplies.

I hope you will visit my blog often and stay abreast of my meanderings about town and beyond. I'm not only present in Bethesda, but will visit Silver Spring, Northwest Washington and even Northern Virginia (if I can keep from getting lost). I often visit New Mexico, and I'll be shopping in San Miguel de Allende this summer. I was in Tokyo and Hong Kong last August and hope to see what's what in Kyoto this fall. 

Send me your thoughts and impressions, and let me know what you think is new, on the scene or should be, whether it be a store, a music venue, a work of art. Sometimes we just have to stop, pull ourselves in and remember the old standbys--where do we get the best writing paper? Do we still use writing paper? Remember the feel of heavy, creamy stock with a simple black initial? I know; so we're not spending right now. So what? We can still dream.

Make the most of today and stop to appreciate one thing you find beautiful--whether it be a cherry blossom blowing astray through the sky, a morning dove cooing on your deck, new mulch in a neighbor's yard--or a rich cup of coffee or glass of gorgeous red wine at the end of the day.


  1. Great blog...look forward to more!

  2. Susan Rosen4/16/2009

    Really fun to read! More, more, more!