Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Choo for thought

With the recent announcement that Jimmy Choo is partnering with Swedish chain store H&M, the question is: will we still want them? I see a million startled little faces with bubbles over their heads thinking: "I don't want them anymore." Does a pair of Jimmy Choos purchased after standing in line at H&M have the same cachet as the one packaged up just for you in a Jimmy Choo boutique? And if so, why aren't we rushing H&M now for sales on those statement dresses for special events? Probably for the same reason we don't show off our Moschinos the way we show off  Trina Turks. The Choos are due in stores Nov. 14, but as of right now the H&M at White Flint Mall hasn't heard if they're getting them. I'm not pooh-poohing the idea. Far from it. I'm all for anything that supports the consumer, retail and the economy. I'm just wondering about the psychology of the consumer in this economy-impacted fashion climate, i.e., will these become "the H&M Choos" as compared to the "real Choos" creating a Choo culture war? Will that create a drop/rise in sales for any Choos or luxury footwear? Let the games begin. (For more on the business of Jimmy Choo, check out "Choo Lovers Everywhere" on this blog.) 

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