Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our trip to Bethesda Central Farm Market

Yesterday we headed to Bethesda Row to check out the new Bethesda Central Farm Market. We loved its European feel and wandered among various vendors proffering vegetables, flowers, breads, pasta, sausages, cheese and fish. At the Meat Crafters table, we tried tiny bites of sausage laid out for sampling. A young man with a huge grin on his face after tasting the "Merguez," lamb sausage flavored with North African spices, sold us on that one. We also tried (and bought) the Capitol Half Smokes, loving their not-too-salty, mild yet very savory flavor. We then checked out the fresh pasta offered by Catering by Anna St. John for $1 a piece. We opted for four tomato/basil/mozzarella, two caramelized onion and portobello and two arugula and asparagus, which we dressed with a little bruschetta at home. Fantastic. We couldn't resist stopping into Cork&Fork after seeing their sign out front beckoning visitors in for a wine tasting. After owner Anna Landragin opened Calina, a Chilean chardonnay, for us, we duly tasted and promptly bought the spicy, yet light wine (no heavy oaky overtones) for $13.99. Our shopping done, we headed home, cooked everything up, added some greens, and savored a homemade meal made with fresh, local ingredients. Delicioso.

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