Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute to Michael Tees

Today international superstar Michael Jackson gets a gigantic star-filled tribute at the Staples Center. But Jackson is the King of Pop. And though most of us (ticketless) fans who came of age with MJ will have to watch the LA celebration on TV, we can get the T-shirt right here from locally based company Crooked Monkey. Micha Weinblatt says in his company blog June 26, "Since news broke of Michael's passing I have been teary eyed and at a loss for words." But not for ideas. The master of the wicked double entendre quickly came up with four simple, hip T-shirts in homage to the great one - with V-necks, a first (two pictured above). Straightforward sentiment from Crooked Monkey, another first and an aesthetic winner. Hot off the presses for both men and women July 6. (And, for those of you not familiar with the Crooked Monkey website, the animated logo monkey has long been doing the moonwalk to "Billie Jean" when you click on the speaker.)
BTW: CityShopGirl subscribers get 20% off the shirts through July 15.
They print my message
In the saturday sun
I had to tell them
I ain't second to none
from "Black and White"

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