Thursday, July 23, 2009

Took Myself to the Ball Game

Last night I passed up a chance to see Stacy London of "What Not To Wear" (could've kept her busy for hours) and instead went to the old ball game in Bethesda to relive quieter times in my now-bustling B-Town and see Bethesda Magazine editor Steve Hull throw the first pitch. And why not? As I found out, I'd happily stumbled into Big Train's "Sports Journalist All-Star" night, and in Bethesda that means names like Tim Kurkjian of ESPN, Michael Jenkins of Comcast Sportsnet, Brett Haber of Channel 9 and many more. Though Hull isn't a sports journalist per se right now, he did spend some time writing about his son's hockey games for B-CC High School, and he is a hockey player and former hockey coach - not to mention a Big Train game sponsor. After his opening throw (which was followed by a few others) we were treated to the national anthem as belted out by the big voice of tot singer Kaitlyn Maher of "America's Got Talent." As the game played on, the crickets hummed, the sun set, the announcer, radio show host Andy Pollin, interviewed the guest journalists over the loudspeaker. The crowd filled up on pizza, Chick-fil-A and Gifford's as kids wearing baseball gloves tried to catch memento foul balls and homers. This is as close as it gets to the best of small-town living in Bethesda. And it still feels pretty authentic.
Kaitlyn lets 'er rip

Batter up!

Mascot Homer works the crowd

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