Monday, July 13, 2009

MoCo Shops in Mexico

Before I headed to Mexico's San Miguel de Allende two weeks ago, I stopped in to Bethesda's Blanca Flor for a chat with owner Rigel Garcia about what to do/what to see nearby. Easy. Guanajuato and Dolores Hidalgo, the Mexico City native said. Dolores Hidalgo is an old colonial town, where Mexico won her independence from Spain and also the site of brightly painted talavera pottery. Those of you familiar with the sensational Blanca Flor  probably already know about 
milagros, talavera and especially fantastic silver jewelry. (Garcia is a font of knowledge and fascinating to talk to.) Once in Mexico my friends and I visited Dolores Hidalgo's JMB Talavera and I loaded up with as much pottery as I could carry in two big bags (and one large shipment). We also visited the nearby Mayolica Santa Rosa, where we watched an artisan throw clay pots on a  wheel and then into a room where two rows of artists painted each flower, fruit and bird by hand. Finally we hit the grande finale - a fantasyland for the pottery-obsessed (pictured above) - where we pored over an endless array of mayolica serving pieces, pots, trays and more.

Planter snagged at JMB Talavera

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