Monday, July 27, 2009

Stiletto Strut 101

Impressed by Germans running foot races in high heels? (Click here for the video.) Humiliated by your Aunt Frieda, who at 80 can strut a heel much better than you with your undisciplined flip-flop-packing feet? Fret no more. Dr. Emily Splichal aka "Dr. Legs"  and the  Washington Sports Club have teamed up to save the day with "Catwalk Confidence," a fitness series to help show those high heels who's boss starting at the South Bethesda location July 29. No, I'm not kidding. The stiletto whisperer has created a workout incorporating balance and posture that helps you learn how not to do the ankle twist, the tilting forward but-jutt, the stutter step, the "arrghh, i'm in shoe hell and it shows" walks. Just put on your 4-inchers and learn to glide, baby glide. 

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