Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Present to Myself

Ok, it's been one solid week on South Beach (no, not the sandy one in Miami) and I've been a superstar. No cocktailing it up at events, no wine on the deck (well, not much anyway), nary a slice of white bread, cracker or cookie :). So I treated myself (anyway) to a splashy bracelet (just like my friend Zena's, only mine is green) I found at Be You Fashion,  a fab kiosk on Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda. The hats are fabulous; the purses unique and the jewelry is all about big chunky fun. This is Be You Fashion's first year at this location. Owner Marian Afia Ann says she's been at Eastern Market for three years, Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative for two, and will be parked on Woodmont each April-October. Right now look for a huge array of big-brimmed, colorful hats some of which Ann designs and has handmade in Madagascar. 

My bracelet. It's like a small outfit.

I like this floral satin purse.

Hats range from $35-$45

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