Sunday, August 23, 2009

My MoCo Tomato

Drumroll please! My first Black Krim (or Crim) tomato of the season, grown just on the edge of a landscaped bed. And, from a plant I grew from a baby given to me from my good friends' wondrous garden in Gaithersburg ... (which you WILL read about one day soon, promise). Anyway, it's perfect. The color and deep green top are all part of its natural beauty. Now, the point of this tomato is to harvest the seeds to plant for NEXT year - NOT to go buy plants, but to make my own by harvesting the seeds and planting them in little peat pots next year. Why am I writing about tomatoes on MoCo Scene you might ask? This tomato's roots are entirely MoCo. It came from a seed harvested from a plant grown locally last year. This tomato was grown sans chemicals, sprays or anything more than benign neglect and some water. That's how we roll around here. And, I've been super busy with travels and work and what not. Now, I've got to go get a knife and some salt.

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  1. Your tomato is inspirational! Shout out to Steve and Maire for sourcing such beauty. Check out my blog today on gardening, and just how perfect a tomato can be in the poem "Vegetable Love," on Writer's Almanac today.