Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is 'Combat Ready' Camp Out Ready?

My daughter and her boyfriend, a newly commissioned Army officer, are going camping next weekend. My daughter suffers from bug bite overload (huge, painful welts). She's anticipating that this week's camping trip (in muggy August) will be challenging. They're packing Combat Ready Balm by Skincando to see if it's up to task. It's a wonderfully rich and creamy skin balm I found around the corner from my house at Village Green Apothecary. (Check the website for more locations.) The bonus is the cream's soothing but aggressive bug bite relief.  So much so that Skincando owner Sara Damelio ships the stuff by the crateful to our soldiers fighting in Iraq to ease their flea-bitten, sunburned skin. She's running a campaign called Operation Sand Flea--for a $12 donation she'll send a jar to a soldier with a gift card and thank you note. I'm sending a jar with my daughter and newly commissioned officer for camp combat. We'll debrief next week. 

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