Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Bites: Lunch at Matchbox

Photo from the Matchbox website
This first Friday Bites finds us at the new Matchbox in Rockville. Though I've never been to the one downtown, I have come to this one before for dinner. We loved it for lunch as well.

Without a miss, the chef here knows all about flavor and texture--both stood out in the "mini trio," an appetizer plate of doubles: two scallops, two bunless mini-burgers and two crab cakes. Each teeny was perfectly executed--in seasoning, "just right" doneness and, yes, even petite garnish. The scallops were succulent and fresh; the crispy outside was the perfect foil to the buttery texture within. Mini burgers? A hit with a smear of gorgonzola and a crispy onion topping. And last but not least, the crabcake. Meaty, mild and tasty. With a side salad, this appetizer will be my next meal here.

We had two entrees--the marinated chicken muffaletta on house-made foccacia and the grapefruit salad with a requested portion of salmon. The salmon was dark pink and smooth inside, with a crispy, grilled exterior. But to me, the lettuce was the star of the show. Accented by Marcona almonds, goat cheese and of course, grapefruit, the generous oak leaves remained firm yet butter-lettuce soft, fresh and crisp. The sherry vinaigrette was slightly sweet and tangy and as my daughter said, "incredibly refreshing."

The muffaletta was GIGANTIC--fresh bread held together an olive tapenade, chicken breast, sundried tomato, provolone, chicken and serrano. A little gnome could've been in there, too. Next to this was a pile of crispy homemade "bistro" fries--skinny little waffle chips we devoured.
Score -- 5 stars. 

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