Friday, February 25, 2011

The crowd loves Jill at Ginger

The Crowd (all photos by Mark Silva)
Writer Jill Kargman and Michelle Jaconi
Writer Jill Kargman filled the house last Tuesday at Bethesda's Ginger boutique, as friends and fans gathered to help launch her latest book, Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut, a compilation of nonfiction essays and musings. I went home and read most of the book on the spot--mouth ajar--and feeling like I'd found a soulmate. What? Sometimes you heavily relate to flamboyant gay guys?? ME TOO! (Someone who finally gets Johnny Weir's Balenciaga tree!) You obsess about nail polish colors?? ME TOO! In fact, when I asked her to sign my book, my de facto soulmate pointed to my newly shellacked nails and exclaimed, "Wow! What color is that??!! I'm getting it tomorrow." Plus, and this is big, she had the names "Edward Gorey" and "Tim Burton" on the same page--under "Obsessed." When I was finished studying her impeccably cool outfit (trim lace dress under gray leather jacket, hair in edgy NYC-style bun), I shopped, drank Prosecco and nibbled on goodies from the amazing spread. Well done. Another glamorous event on Bethesda Row. (Photos by Mark Silva)'s Elizabeth Thorp and NBC4's Eun Yang

Hostess Stacy Kerr, shopping with her sister, Elizabeth Kerr


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