Sunday, March 13, 2011

When crime hits close to home

It is with heavy hearts that we post this blog about lululemon athletica in Bethesda. The last time we got to write about the store was a happy and lighthearted occasion--when MoCo Scene was lucky enough to be part of their fashion show last October. Not so today. We want to express our deepest sympathies to everyone at lululemon and most of all, to the families of the beautiful young women who were victims of the brutal attack that took place in the store this weekend. Like many people in Bethesda, we shop at the store frequently. My daughter, a trainer, buys all her workout and training apparel there. We even picked up warm sweatpants for her boyfriend, deployed in Afghanistan, who calls the cheerful staff  his "lulufriends." Each purchase was always accompanied by the smiles of these two women and those of the rest of the staff.

 These women are part of our daily lives and of course, our community. Their eager smiles, energy and enthusiasm made every trip to lulu special. This event is a sad and horrible reminder never to take those people we meet along the way for granted, and to appreciate all that they give--and gave--us.

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