Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sippin' at the Ritz

Sip 'n Blush Diaries
Whew! Am back in town and can finally spill on Sip ‘n Blush last Thursday night at the Ritz in Georgetown - definitely not the easiest place for this Bethesdite to get to in rush hour - especially after coming from getting my car serviced miles away in Rockville. But I wanted to 1. support Suited for Change; 2. have cocktails at the Ritz bar; 3. get a makeover--which I really really need; 4. and not miss a fun CityShopGirl event. Hassled and wet from driving through rush hour in pelting rain, I recklessly abandoned my car to the valet (instead of circling for a meter) and entered the bar. My eye immediately went to the jumbo-size box of Armani skincare and cosmetics (thanks to Saks Chevy Chase) poised temptingly near the jar of raffle entries. I never win raffles. But I really wanted that Armani. A beauty product junkie, I have recently slumped into an unsatisfying beauty "routine," grabbing whatever is in the shower. I needed age-appropriate skincare. After I entered the raffle, I saw my friend Zena Polin having her already beautiful face made over by the creative wizardry of Saks cosmetics whiz, Nimati Nazhat.

Zena pulled me and my pinot into the chair and said, “you’re next.” Right. Do me. And Ms. Nazhat did.
She started by taking off my 9-hour old faded makeup, and smoothing on moisturizer, then eye cream. I touched my face. I couldn’t believe it. It was dewy. That was only the beginning. Then she used a combo of blush, eyeshadow and –I couldn’t believe this one—eyebrow pencil on my already black brows. WOW! I glowed. I looked younger. I looked completely natural, but "different," polished, like I had on real grownup makeup. I told her she was a genius and ordered eye cream and foundation on the spot.

As I was ooohing and aaahing over myself, our hostess, Kelly Collis Fredrick, started the raffle. Zena won dinner for two. Then Kelly started fishing around for the second prize, which I really really wanted. About $1,000 worth of Armani skincare and cosmetics in a big box plus the opportunity to have a private makeover party with these makeup artists at Saks with five lucky friends. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists…I wanted to win so bad…AND I DID!!! Mine; all mine!! I won my first raffle, had fun with my friends, got a new face, sipped drinks AND supported Suited for Change. Not bad for a Thursday night.

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