Sunday, May 3, 2009

a few of my (new) favorite things

"Raindrops on roses and mittens on kittens, lalalalala tied up with string"...okay, it's obvious I don't know the words and no, I'm not Googling the lyrics. I recently discovered on Facebook of all places. And a few of their finds just said "must-have" to me in the voice of my favorite style icons Marc Bolan (of T. Rex) and the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld. And all (even the plate) would look great with my vintage Lagerfeld opera coat (that I bought for a song at Chic to Chic). (And no, they’re not paying me. It’s really just pure lust.)

Black Serpent Ring by Lotus Arts de Vivre...Ah, yes.

Gold Lotus Clutch by Lotus Arts de Vivre...Note the perfect silver corners

Nacre plate with crayfish by Lotus Arts de Vivre...This is just nasty pretty

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