Friday, November 11, 2011

Voli! Come to Mama!

Voli (read: VOdka LIte) just burst onto the DC scene in a wealth of delicious flavors, and right on cue as the holidays approach. Though we love sipping on a cocktail (or two), we hate fighting the battle of the bulge that often accompanies holiday (and everyday) indulgences.

Hence, Voli steps up to the glass with a premium vodka crafted in France from natural spring water and wheat—and no more than 81 calories per serving. A nice addition: electrolytes to help ward off a hangover. It comes in five delicious flavors like pear vanilla, lemon and raspberry cocoa. If you still want to be creative and mix a drink, below are some fab ways to mix it up.  Though I didn’t spot Voli yet in Montgomery County liquor stores, it is available in area Sam's Clubs and in other locales around Maryland--including near Ellicott City and the Baltimore area. To order online and find a list of vendors please check

The Blushing Berry:
1.5 oz Voli Lemon
¼ oz Chambord (raspberry liqueur)
2 oz cranberry juice
top with club soda
135 calories or 100 calories if made with diet cranberry juice

The Winter Wonderland:
2 oz Voli espresso vanilla
1/2 oz Bailey's
Shake and strain
150 calories

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