Monday, November 21, 2011

The stars come out for Porcelanosa's opening party

When a tile store has a world-renowned chef, an Argentine supermodel and the Spanish ambassador attending the opening party, you know it must be special. And that's after guests were greeted by a four-beam spotlight blazing from the parking lot.

The superstars as well as designers, clients and friends showed up to celebrate Porcelanosa's new location Thursday night on Rockville Pike and Nicholson Lane. The upscale showroom offers cutting-edge flooring and tiles--glass, ceramic, porcelain and stone--that have graced well-furnished homes both here and abroad, including Prince Charles's royal residences. The store also carries luxury bath and kitchen fixtures.

Well-heeled clientele --there was no shortage of Chanel, red-soled shoes and great haircuts--filled the streamlined store and knoshed on authentic Spanish tapas. Most interesting to me were the "liquid olives" served in a spoon. At first I thought they were clams, but the man proffering the tidbits told me to just "put it in your mouth, where it will work its magic." I did as I was told and was greeted with a silky, liquified version of an olive. Delicious.

The guests also included my own kitchen contractor, Eugene Zagoskin of Z&P Construction, who's been working with Porcelanosa for 15 years. Another guest was my son's former volunteer baseball coach, a designer with Kitchen Land. Here are some examples of the kinds of streamlined, European designs you'll find in the new store.

Love this giant shower head

One of many powder/bathroom displays. This happened to be my favorite. 

Liquid olives

The sleekest range hood

Early guests in the airy showroom

Just had to do it--snagged a photo with Chef Jose Andres and a Porcelanosa owner.

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