Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now THAT'S a bra!

Judith Olivia HeartSong's "Mariposa Azul" bra
No, not the latest Victoria's Secret concoction, the bra above is actually wearable art created by MoCo artist Judith Olivia HeartSong for the Cups Full of Hope event this Wednesday night at Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology. For months, artists, as well as the general public, have been submitting their creations to be auctioned off at this fab fundraiser sponsored by Success in the City to benefit the Tigerlily Foundation, which supports young women facing cancer. HeartSong's creation, "Mariposa Azul" started as a plain pink bra. HeartSong then handpainted the butterflies, paisley designs and stripes and added beads and crystals. The other whimsical creations (as portrayed below) to be auctioned at the show run the gamut from sexy and playful to downright outrageous. Just like us. What a great way to support and acknowledge our girls.  For tix and more information, click here.

"Hot Tamales"

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  1. Thank you Karen! It is a great cause and visitors to my studio at VisArts at Rockville really enjoyed watching the process!