Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Housewives and Cupcakes, Naughty and Nice

I actually had something else planned for you all today, but because my friend (and MoCo native) Kelly Collis of CityShopGirl was on the radio talking about my two current obsessions, tomorrow's premiere of the Real Housewives of D.C. and D.C. Cupcakes (about Georgetown Cupcake, which I was eating again last night), I decided to leave you with this clip with a little parting spin of my own (I'll be in L.A. for all the premiere/premier party hubbub). Though the gate-crashing, wine-tossing Salahis may be good promo material, I am more intrigued by the nice, "normal" appearing Stacie. She seems a little less predictable. I'm riveted by the dirt, but need a little side of nice. And I also enjoy shopping the District Sample Sale, Housewife Mary Amons' cause, and am curious to see any hints of that crowd in action. Oh, and back to those cupcakes... Just talked to someone last night who reports that there ARE indeed lines in Bethesda. Long ones full of people who need last-minute birthday treats or who have traveled all the way up the coast for a cupcake. Too bad they waited till closing time to get in line and had to be turned away. Hey, TLC, can't you go out to the unscripted squabblers trying to push into the doors? MUCH more fun than doing that signature swirl.

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