Monday, August 2, 2010

Buff up your bumpit and do the Jersey Core

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Ahhh, the spreading tentacles of the reality show Jersey Shore have finally reached the faraway land of Bethesda. On the runaway reality hit, Jersey boys like 'The Situation' flaunt hair gel and magnificently ripped abs. You too can work on getting those Jerseylicious muscles at the "Jersey Core,"  a full-body workout class offered at North Bethesda's Washington Sports Club this Wednesday and next at 9:30 am. I love the video--the elegant, amazing Libby leads the class, and....drum roll....our fave trainer Madeleine Watkins, above in green shirt and incredible abs already, takes it. Stay tuned....she gets interviewed.


  1. Kim Knowles8/02/2010

    Maddie looks beautiful as always! Loved the video.

  2. Emily Simson8/03/2010

    Wow-This vid clip is MORE than FAB!
    Madeleine is as absolutely gorgeous and eloquent as YOU.
    How "cool" is THIS?
    (just need those abs...)