Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Hair

I've tried just about every volumizing, thickening, ooomph-adding hair shampoo on the market. I'd finally settled on a drugstore brand, until I washed my mopey tresses with Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue natural shampoo. I usually hate anything too natural that doesn't suds up and make a big frothy lather (like the "purging/renewing" feel). Anyhow, this shampoo (no petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens) whips up into a creamy lather and the amazing conditioner didn't make my hair fall flat. My hairdresser, Rudi, always told me never to use conditioner on my limp, listless locks. The last thing they need is to be any softer--or tame. But this conditioner added a happy bounce to my hair and when I styled it (which I rarely do, sorry Rudi) it held!! It shone; it actually moved! I had much happier hair. Sara Damelio, the skincare whiz behind Skincando's Combat Ready Balm, says she's even GROWN more hair from the product. I got mine at The Still Point holistic spa in Takoma Park. Find it also at Roots Market in Olney or online here.

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