Thursday, October 6, 2011

Countdown to tonight

Are you ready for this?

And this?

We are. If you're not, you should check out the Bethesda Row site, RSVP and start getting ready. The apex of Bethesda Row Boutique Week events happens tonight when hot designer Barclay Butera appears at Urban Country for a meet-and-greet amid cocktails and appetizers. We'll be there. Afterward, we're heading straight to Landmark Bethesda Row cinema for the Washington premiere of DRESSED, the documentary about designer Nary Manivong's epic journey from homelessness to New York's fashion week. Following the film, the director and designer will be available for a Q&A. Right here, tonight. I don't want to give away any secrets but I'm old enough to remember when going to Bethesda meant a trip to Pines of Rome (still good white pizza) and a shop or two. Now it's all this. Here are some shots of Butera's designs and also some stills from DRESSED. Enjoy.


  1. Interesting mix of ornamental flair and masculinity in the furniture pieces you've featured! What was Barclay Butera like when you met him?

  2. Thanks for checking in! Barclay Butera was delightful--very friendly and nice. It was a pleasure to have that chance to meet him.