Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Calm, cool and collected Rosa Arctica

I'm always in search of the perfect moisturizer for my face and think I've found a keeper in Kiehl's Rosa Arctica cream, a 'youth regenerator' released at Neiman Marcus this March. Plus I love how it looks like an ice cold drink sitting pretty in the stultifying heat and humidity raging through DC right now. The cool, green jar holds an ample amount of thick rich balm, just what I love for my face. But don't be fooled into thinking it goes on like a thick gooey mess. As soon as it touches your skin, it disappears like silk into the texture of your face. Plus, it has one of my favorite ingredients--squalane, a miracle worker and one of the components of human sebum, which helps smooth lines without allowing your pores to clog up. Right now it's all I have on my face, no makeup, and I'm loving it.


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  2. Contact info for the product is linked to the highlighted "Neiman Marcus." Enjoy!