Thursday, April 7, 2011

Late-night musings: A lament in the face of progress

Ok, so yesterday I was at LOFT using my 30% family and friends coupon (I love that store) and realizing that these are my last few days for making my traditional rounds through Congressional Plaza as we now know it. Whole Foods is the anchor of Congressional Plaza and the excuse for shopping at LOFT, White House and Last Call Studio. On April 12 Whole Foods closes its doors here and moves down the Pike to the new North Bethesda Market. There have been subtle hints of the closing--my Cajun catfish is no more and neither are my Dr. Krackers. The new store will be closer to me and undoubtedly bigger and dazzling with large displays of prepared foods and produce--but lonely with underground parking.  The draw to Congressional is the large outdoor lot, and the opportunity to amble from store to store before finally hitting the bustle of activity in Whole Foods (yeah, remember what walking outside in a suburban shopping center is like?). I love the familiar smell of the store, and yes, the fish guy recognizes me.  I have charted a course through the aisles that doesn't deviate too often. I like finally having a "routine" I look forward to. I don't have many. In a town constantly pelted by "progress," growth and change, familiar routines are hard to come by. But I will adapt. Pretty soon, I'm sure the euro-market-style Fresh Market moving into Whole Food's space will seem like it's always been there. And I may finally learn to love parking garages. 

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