Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shoshanna, with a side of window and Chic P salad

Last spring my daughter Maddie and I jaunted to Georgetown to meet designer Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss at Urban Chic's trunk show. Last night we set out for the Bethesda location to see the latest from the designer and visit with fashion blogger Betsy Lowther as part of Bethesda Row's Boutique Week. The dresses were a classic mix of fem with a subtle touch of sexy. Shoshanna doesn't do plunging necklines or slit up-to-there skirts. Her bright florals have more subtle details--off the shoulder, ruching, and gathered skirts. Betsy looked great dressed in a flowered ruched number we all love.

But stay with me...there are two more parts to the story. The Before:
... the fantastic window display we passed at Ginger. We love this dress made of book pages--perfect statement of book + fashion (see my prior Devil Wears Prada post)

and After:

...amazing salad at Sweetgreen. I've already had the "bondi" and "guacamole greens" with shrimp and I love them both. Because I'm a falafel lover I tried out the Chic P... The best. I loved the crunch of the spinach and pita chips combined with soft, warm, spicy falafel. The salad also has roasted yellow peppers, mesclun and chickpeas all dressed with a light tahini/hummus lemon dressing. It was a bowl full of my favorite tastes. The textures worked splendidly as well--not too salty, mushy, hard or crunchy. A home run--especially paired with their deliciously chewy brown bread.

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