Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's all about the shoes, baby

Isn't it always all about the shoes? And thanks to the most fabulous Laura Bennett for inspiring this post. NICE is the best word to describe the elegant designer and author of Didn't I Feed You Yesterday: A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos and VIP guest at Bethesda Row's fashion bash Friday night. I am not the boldest girl in a room, and had to muster up some nerve to pull off my cold-call hello and take her pic. Didn't have to put all that effort into the "muster." She smiled and started chatting about fashion while pointing out the number of great shoes in the room. Having shot so many fantastic feet last year at the Front Row's Jimmy Choo booksigning event, I thought I'd do it again. There's nothing like an amazing pair of shoes to get those fashion juices flowing...Here are some from the pre-show cocktail party at Redwood.

Barbara D. Martin's 5-inchers from Gilt Groupe & Tinsley Mortimer's Fendis

Laura Bennett in gray satin and Jill Powell's wedges

One high, one low. Karen and Maddie Watkins

Those Fendis again and Amanda Taylor's dainty T-straps

On the runway.

...And more we loved

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