Friday, February 5, 2010

Blizzard? Wha dat? My neighbor is in the Super Bowl

Though the big news around here this weekend is a giant snowstorm promising to bury us under 2 feet of snow, the even bigger news around my neighborhood is local boy Colin Cloherty, who got picked up by the Indianapolis Colts and is on the roster for the Super Bowl this Sunday. I actually live in his old house and can look out my back window to the "new" house he grew up in. He went through elementary school with my daughter but went off to private school (Gonzaga) so he could play football. Let's face it. We love Walter Johnson H.S. but if they win--even once--it's a huge cause for celebration. So, though I love saying "who dat" I gotta root for the Colts on Sunday and hope the boy gets a Super Bowl ring. I can stand in his former bedroom tonight and wonder how it would show on a sports celebrity house tour. I can say the tight end was part of "play group" and that he got chicken pox from my daughter. Wow. And it all happened right here. Our own overnight sports sensation ( I just saw him interviewed on ESPN and read about him in the Washington Post). The SUPER BOWL for crying out loud. Sorry, snow. You've been waaaay outdone around here.

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